Curriculum plannin

Curriculum planning:

Actively involved in planning, implementation & evaluation of curriculum.

·         Course coordinator of CVS module.

·         Course coordinator of Renal module.

·         Curriculum committee member from Physiology in basis of life module, homeostasis module, food to fuel module, endocrinology & reproduction module, muskuloskelatal module.

·         Co coordinator Eye module.

·         Making & implementation of time tables.

Assessment & evaluation:

Actively involved in planning, implementation & Blue printing of formative & summative assessment strategies for the improvement of learning of students.

·         Structured essay questions, short essay questions, short answer questions making.

·         MCQs making.

·         OSPE/ IPE making.

·         Structured viva taking.

·         Reviewing of paper for finalization.

·         Record keeping of assessments.

·         Evaluation of module after completion for improvement of teaching strategies.

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