28 CME credit points

1.      Organized a National workshop on Cardiovascular Physiology on Power lab.

2.      Attended workshop on Nerve & Muscle Physiology on Power Lab

3.      Attended workshop on PBL conduction.

4.      Attended workshop on Facilitation Ehancement Skills.

5.      Attended workshop on MCQs making.

6.      Attended workshop on SGD conduction.

7.      Attended workshop on Effective Feed Back.

8.      Attended workshop on Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

9.      Attended 12th & 13th Biennial Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society.

10.  Attended and given presentation in Post Graduate Seminar In Pak Railway Hospital.

11.  Attended National Conference by ICME in 2010.

12.  Life Member of PPS

13.  Attended workshop on research proposal development

14.  Attended workshop on structured viva.

15.  Attended workshop on curriculum evaluation

16.  Assessment techniques (OSPE).

17.  Attended workshop on developing a lesson plan and writing objectives

18.  Workshop in tips for effecting lecturing skills.

19.  Workshop on making IPE & OSPE/OSCE.

20.  Workshop on basic SPSS.

21.  E Learning system (AlMajmaah University)

22.  Workshop on smart board (Al Majmaah University)

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