Concentrated Solar Power Technology

CSP technology is a solar thermal power generation technology that concentrates the heat from

the solar radiation in to a small area for generating power. CSP-based technology is found to be

suitable for regions with high DNI. Solar thermal power generation, which is comprised of four main sub-systems, namely solar collector field, solar receiver, storage and/or back up system, and power conversion system. Solar collector field consists of an array of mirrors or reflectors that collect the solar radiation and focus it onto a receiver tube. The receiver tube with a thermal energy carrier absorbs the heat from the concentrated solar energy which can be used directly or with the help of a secondary circuit to generate power. A certain amount of heat is lost during the energy conversion process. Also, a part of the solar radiation is reflected back and does not even reach the absorber. Hence the choice of an appropriate solar collector is very important to suit the application requirement and to attain the desired temperature level Most of the commercial CSP plant designs incorporate TES systems for generating power in the absence of sunshine. According to the focus geometry, CSP systems can be classified as point-focus concentrators and

line-focus concentrators. Solar Tower systems and parabolic dishes uses point focus concentrators

whereas PTC’s and linear Fresnel collectors employ line-focus concentrators .

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