Parabolic Trough Collector Solar Thermal Technology

A PTC Solar Power plant with TES system has three sub systems, namely the Solar field, Thermal storage system and Power block. The solar field consists of parabolic trough solar collectors which direct solar radiation received from the sun to the tubular receivers. The power block is working based on the Rankine cycle and consists of a turbine coupled with an alternator for generating power from the thermal energy received from solar field. For the TES system, a two tank system with Hitec solar salt being the storage medium can be used. The heat transfer fluid (HTF) flowing through the metal tubes of the receiver absorbs the heat energy from the solar field and transfers it to the power block. Parabolic Trough collectors can only use the direct component of solar radiation, that is, direct normal irradiance (DNI). Parabolic Trough-based CSP projects are very popular in countries like Spain and the USA where they are used for medium- to large-scale power generation. PTC solar power plants are the most commercially established among the power plants operating with CSP technology. Parabolic trough Collectors have superior heat absorption rate when compared to flat plat collectors.

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