Presented Seminars

Presentation on “How to prepare a Conference Paper related to Senior Design” delivered by Dr.Praveen R.P. ON 27-11-2019

As part of sharing the research ideas from among the members of Faculty of EE department, Dr.Praveen R.P. delivered a presentation on the topic "Advances in Solar-Thermal Energy Systems" on 3/3/2020 in the Meeting Hall of College of Engineering. The presentation highlighted on the different technologies of Concentrated Solar Power Generation such as Parabolic Trough and Central Receiver solar thermal systems. Dr.Praveen also stressed on the importance of this technology for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so as to meet the Renewable energy targets of KSA in accordance with Vision 2030. The talk concluded with the scope of future research in the concerned area and overall the presentation was very informative for all the faculty members.

 Teaching Quality Assurance Committee in the EE Department organized a presentation on "Active Teaching" for the benefit of EEStudents on 3/10/2017 between 12.30 p.m to 1.30 p.m at the Engineering Club Hall of College of Engineering. 

the presentation was jointly delivered by  Dr.Praveen R.P. and Eng. Abdul Baseer

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Address for Communication:

Dr.Praveen RP

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,

College of Engineering, Majmaah University

PO Box: 66, Majmaah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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(IP Phone): 2602

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