Curriculum Vitae


- Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2014-2018.

- Dissertation published on 2018 – “The Role of the Syllable Contact Law (SCL-SEMI) in the        Coda Clusters of Najdi Arabic and Other Languages”.

- Master of Arts in Linguistics in the College of Arts and Humanities, California StateUniversity-Fresno, USA 2012-2014.

- Thesis published on 2014 - “Emphasis Spread in Najdi Arabic”.

- Bachelor Degree of Translation in the College of Languages and Translation, King Saud University- 2004-2010.

Work Experience

- English Department Coordinator at College of Science and Humanities at Hotat Sudair, Majmaah University 2018-present.

- Assistant Professor at Majmaah University 2018-present.

- Lecturer at Majmaah University for 3 years.


· Presented a scientific paper at the “Second Scientific Research Day” held at the College of Science and Humanities in Hotat Sudair, 2019.
· Attended a workshop on “Writing and Structuring Your Manuscript to Impress SCL Journal Editors”, 2019.
· Attended a workshop on “Blended Learning”, 2019.
· Completed a course on “Leadership Essentials’’, 2019.
· Completed a course on “Stress Management on Workplace”, 2019.
· CompletedthreesemestersatVirginiaTechCultureandLanguageInstitute(LCI) in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA with a grade of A, 2011
· A three- month course in “Using Computers in the Management Field”, 2010.
· Attended a training program on “Effective Language Teaching”, 2010.

· Attended a training program on “Using Technology in Teaching”, 2010.


Tuesday 8-11 am

Wednesday 9-10 am

Thursday 9-10 am

Contact Information

Dr. Reham Alhammad

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

College of Science and Humanities

Majmaah University

Phone# 016-4044764

[email protected]

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