Colloquium and Co

Dates  May 16,2015 →  May 17,2015

Location Philadelphia, États-Unis
 Abstract This conference aims to expose graduate students in algebra, geometry and topology to current research, and provide them with an opportunity to present and discuss their own research. It also intends to provide a forum for graduate students to engage with each other as well as expert faculty members in their areas of research. Most of the talks at the conference will be given by graduate students, with four given by distinguished keynote speakers.
 Subjets Graduate Student, Conference, Algebra, Geometry, Topology

  • from 13 April to 17 April 2015

    Summer Pre-School on Inverse Problems

    Organizers :
    • David DOS SANTOS FERREIRA (Univ. Lorraine)
    • Colin GUILLARMOU (ENS Paris)
    • Matti LASSAS (University of Helsinki)
    • Jérôme LE ROUSSEAU (Univ. Orléans)


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