MATH 111

This course includes the following topics:

1)     Elementary logic and Set theory: Simple and compound statements, Logical connectives, Truth tables, Basic logic laws, Operations on sets, Basic laws of set theory, Cartesian product of sets.

2)     Methods of proof: Proof Strategy, Direct Method, the Contrapositive Method, the Contradiction Method, Mathematical Induction, and Structural Induction.

3)     Relations: Basic definitions on relations, Binary relations and their types, Equivalence relation and set partition, Partial Ordering.

4)     Algorithms: Algorithms, Examples of Algorithms, Complexity of Algorithms, Recursive Definitions, Recursive Algorithms.

5)     Integers and Algorithms: Integers and Division, The Division Algorithm, Congruencies, Representation of Integers, Integers Algorithms, The Euclidean Algorithm, Applications.

6)     Principles of Counting: The Basics of Counting, The Pigeonhole Principle, Permutations and Combinations, Generalized Permutations and Combinations, Algorithms for generating Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Coefficients.

7)     Graph theory: Introduction to Graphs, Representation of Graphs, Paths and Cycles, Euler and Hamilton Paths, Shortest-Path Algorithms, Planar Graph, Graph Coloring.

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