CS 120

Description of the Course

This course provides in-depth coverage of object-oriented programming principles and techniques

using C ++. Students Develop Fundamental programming skills using a language That Supports an Objectoriented 
approach, incorporating security Awareness, human-computer interactions and social 
Responsibility. Object-oriented software development has become a standard Methodology Throughout the 
software engineering discipline. Therefore, a solid grasp of object-oriented programming is essential for 
any Computer Science / information technology specialist. While there are a variety of object-oriented 
programming languages available, C ++ is one of the most are widely used and is Therefore the focus of this 
course. This course Provides in-depth coverage of object-oriented programming principles and techniques 
using C ++. This course Introduces the object-oriented programming concepts, Principles, and techniques, 
Including classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism. All these concepts are illustrated via a 
contemporary object-oriented programming language. Topics include classes, overloading, data 
abstraction, information hiding, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, file processing, templates, 
exceptions, container classes, in the context of the C ++ language.

learning Outcomes

1.Comprehend what programming is and what a programming language does

2. Identify and design suitable classes and class hierarchies and code class implementations

3. Design and develop C ++ programs using classes, constructors and destructors, static data

and static member functions, reference variables,

4. Apply the principles of inheritance, polymorphism, function overloading and operator


5. Apply the principles of dynamic memory allocation & virtual functions in C ++ programs.

6. Design and develop C ++ programs using file processing, templates 

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