Technical English1

Course Module

Sentence—kinds of sentences. Person , number and gender

Time and tense

Tense +phrase+phrasal verb. Prefix and Suffix

Vocabulary used in technical and professional context

How to meet people(strangers and how to address people on different occasions

How to follow and pass instructions

How to receive information and conversation

How to send voice mail and how to place order by phone

How to introduce yourself and others

Describing components ,product review or describing a product

Talking about people’s job

Description of movement ,giving and following instructions, explaining fluid movement around a system, flow chart,explain how cooling system work

How to test material, properties of material

Dealing with customer, customer call form, making of chart, Future project

Talking an emergency call,how to report damage and dealing with customers

Office Hours

Mon 9:00 Am to 12 Noon

Tue 9:00 Am to 12 Noon


Mid Term 1

 Eleventh March 2015



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