Technical English2

Credits and contact hours: 2 Credits (2 50-minutes lectures per week) 

Instructors: Ravindra Prasad Singh

                Textbook : E. Glendinning &J .McEwan- Oxford English for Information Technology( 2009).

Other supplemental materials:  Class Notes

Specific course information:

Catalog Description: Building on the content of Technical English, this course is intended to provide students of Computer Sciences and IT with more advanced and specialized technical English needed for studying their major and functioning in their future careers. This course contains the following topics: Computer users, computer Architecture, computer Applications, Operating systems, describe main operating system, users Interfaces, discuss diagrams related to computer interfaces, computer support, Networks, data security, People in computing, discuss professional life of people working in IT, practice note-taking write a detailed description of a technical problem and its

Prerequisite:ENG 114 Technical English (1)

Required, elective, or selected elective:  Not Required.

Specific goals for the course:

Specific outcomes of instruction:

Understand and use advanced computing terminology.

Comprehend technical texts that cover a wide range of topics in their field.

Understand and use grammatical structures related to technical language.

Understand abbreviations (acronyms) as they relate to computing and information technology.

Prepare and orally present technical materials covered in the classroom.

Write short essays using sequence, fact, description, comparison.

Understand spoken language presented in the classroom and workplace

Office Hours

Mon 9:00 Am to 12 Noon

Tue 9:00 Am to 12 Noon


Mid Term 1

 Eleventh March 2015



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