This course seeks to extend and build on the work done in the pre-requisite CALL-1. The course will be delivered in a practical modality together with adequate theoretical input.


The course is intended to give participants a broad general view of computer-enhanced language teaching and learning. It will involve participants in exploring a working knowledge of language learning environments, using and discussing existing and potential applications of computer technology in the language classroom for all the receptive and productive skills, and creating projects to use and test knowledge gained through reading, discussion, and hands-on experience.


In addition to the discussions that will take place in the classroom and via email, students will have to present the required assignments and practical projects in due time. Instruction includes as well hands-on experience in the computer lab so that students learn the required skills by seeing and then doing. Assignments, tests, quizzes, student’s active participation in class activities and practical projects are the tools that may be used to assess student’s achievement of the objectives of the course.

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