This course aims to introduce students to Pragmatics as one of the  major branches of linguistics that primarily deals with how people use language within a context, in real-life everyday communicative situations. It helps students to understand the interaction between language, use and grammar by providing an introduction to the key concepts and the major issues in the field of Pragmatics, covering, linguistic  cultural and cognitive domains.

It probes the study of the uses and the effects of language, implied meaning, language as used in concrete situations and its impact on the world. Theoretical approaches of scholars in the field such as (C. Morris, Wittgenstein, Austin, Searle, Grice) will be reviewed, covering the following topics: Speech act theory, Felicity conditions, Conversational implicature and entailment, the Cooperative principle, Conversational maxims, Politeness principles, Phatic tokens, Deixis , ambiguity,  Presupposition and Nonverbal communication.

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