Writing 1

Writing a flawless paragraph on various topics rests at  the core of this course.  It begins with forming  grammatically correct simple, compound and complex sentences with appropriate marks of punctuation and culminates into a compact paragraph with the following essential component parts: the topic, the topic sentence, supporting sentences and the concluding sentence.

The students will then pick up and write different kinds of paragraphs to express their views and ideas.  More focus will be on descriptive paragraphs, process paragraphs, opinion paragraphs, and narrative paragraphs.  At the same time the students will learn how to induct unity and coherence to make their writing more organized and convincing.


Important Tips for the Final Exam

- You will be asked to write a short paragraph on a topic like:

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

2. Mobile Phones

3. Your City

4. Your Best Friend

- Punctuation marks and capitalization are very important.

- Supporting sentences are also required.

Write possible supporting points for the following topic sentences.

- Write a good topic sentence using the following words.

Circle the topic and underline the controlling idea

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