Resume Saleem


v  MDS – Oral Pathology [Government Dental College – Trivandrum]

v  Year of Completion – 2006

v  Total Teaching Experience – 9 Years [till July 2015]

v  Papers Published – 14 [In indexed journals]

v  Books Published

"Tracing Disease Genes in Non-syndromic Clefts of Orofacial region", ISBN 978-3-659-68862-1; LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Saarbrücken, Germany

Contributor in “SHAFER’S Textbook of Oral Pathology” - my contribution has been duly acknowledged in the 5th and 6th Edition of the textbook.

v  Papers in conferences as Speaker – 9 [2 in International conferences]

v  Certificate for excellence in Academics for the Year 1434-1435.  College of Dentistry Zulfi; Majmaah University

v  Appointed as external examiner by Barkatullah University Bhopal and Maharashtra university of Health Sciences.

v  Trained in DNA isolation and PCR techniques

v  Life member of Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology [IAOMP]

v  Member of Indian Dental Association [IDA]

v  Life member Dental Surgeons Association of India [DSAI]





Name                                       :           Saleem Faiz Shaikh

Post                                         :           Lecturer

Qualification                           :           MDS-Oral Pathology (Oral Biology& DentalAnatomy)

Permanent Address                 :           # 001, ‘F’ Block; Akshay Park; Gokul Road – Hubli .


Present Address                      :           College of Dentistry -Al Zulfi

Majmaah University- KSA


Phone Number                        :           0535743847 (mob);   0836 – 2332788 (Res - India)


E-mail                                      :           [email protected]; [email protected]



Objective- to contribute in areas of academics and research using my strong clinical and academic background. Use my previous experience as a teacher to motivate and guide students in becoming better professionals and in turn enhance my growth as a professional and as a person. I have good communication skills, interpersonal and problem solving skills which will help me to promote teamwork and ultimately contribute towards the growth and progress of the institution.









Branch                                     :           Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology

College                                    :           Government Dental College – Trivandrum.

University                               :           University of Kerala (UK).

Grade                                     :           ‘A’


BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (BDS) - 2002               

College                                    :           KLE’s Institute of Dental Sciences - Belgaum.

University                               :           Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences(RGUHS)



Total Academic Experience: 9 years

Current Post: Working as Lecturer in College of Dentistry – Majmaah University. I am taking lectures and Practical Labs in Dental Morphology, Oral Biology, Oral Pathology, Oral Microbiology and General Pathology.  In addition I am also the course director of all the above subjects except Oral Microbiology.

More than nine years experience in teaching Dental Anatomy (Morphology), Dental Histology, Dental embryology, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology.  Duties include conducting lectures with multimedia presentations, tooth carving demonstrations, teaching microscopic slides, setting question papers and conducting examinations.

            I am well versed with laboratory techniques for tissue processing and staining of biopsy specimens. I am also diagnosing histopathology slides and issuing reports for the same.



Tracing disease genes in non-syndromic clefts of orofacial region: An analysis into the nature of the genetic defect” This study involved the DNA analysis of cleft lip palate patients for TGF-beta 3 gene polymorphisms and HLA – linkage studies. This was a pioneer study, as no study into genetic aspects of cleft lip and palate patients of Indian origin was done earlier.



Main Author - "Tracing Disease Genes in Non-syndromic Clefts of Orofacial region", ISBN 978-3-659-68862-1; LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Saarbrücken, Germany.



v  Non syndromic cleft lip and palate: Evidence of Transforming growth factor - beta3 gene polymorphism in Indian patients. SaleemShaikh, Rajendran. R, Moinak Banerjee, Anna.P. J  Medicina Oral Patología Oral CirugíaBucal– 2012;vol 17 issue  2.

v  Tracing disease gene(s) in non-syndromic clefts of orofacial region: HLAhaplotypic linkage by analyzing the microsatellite markers: MIB, C1_2_5, C1_4_1, and C1_2_A. Rajendran R, SaleemShaikh, Anil S. Indian Journal ofHuman Genetics  2011;17:188-93

v  Pentoxifylline therapy: A new adjunct in the Treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis. R Rajendran,Vidyarani, SaleemShaikh. Indian Journal of Dental Research 2006; vol 17; 190-198.

v  Expression of Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP-1, MMP-2 & MMP-9) and their tissue inhibitors (TIMP-1 & TIMP-2) in Oral Submucous Fibrosis. R Rajendran,.Rajeesh PK. SaleemShaikh, Shanthi, Pillai MRIndian Journal of Dental Research 2006; vol 17(4); 161 – 166

v  Comparative assessment of efficacy of single application of dipotassium oxalate, Potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride with iontophoresis in the treatment of hypersensitive teeth: An in-vitro and in-vivo study.  Sachin B Mangalekar, Shoba P More, Raghavendra M Shetty, RakeshOswal, Pooja Prasad, SalimShaikh. Intenational Journal of Contemporary Dentistry 2010; vol 1(3); 60 – 67.

v  Orofacialsarcoidosis. CS Soumithran, AjoyShahi, SaleemShaikh. Asian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial  Surgery 2005, vol 17; 280-283

v  Giant DesmoplasticAmeloblastoma: A Case Report. SaleemShaikh, SachinManglekar, Pooja Prasad, Shoba More. (Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry – Editoral review)

v  Roach’s type II variant of Sturge-Weber Syndrome: A case report. SaleemShaikh, Abdurrahman Al-Atram, SachdevaHarleen. Majmaah journal of Health Sciences, 2013; vol.1 No 1.

v  Nanosystems: Role In Oncology - An Overview. Pramod BJ, SujataS,Nagaraju K, SaleemShaikh. Indian Journal of Dental Sciences,  March 2013 Issue:1 Vol.:5.

v  Nitric Oxide – an overview. Saleem Shaikh, Zuber.N, Zameer p. Oral and Maxillofacial pathology Journal, Accepted for Publication –June 2015 issue.

v  Warthins tumor (Seifert subtype-1): A case report and review of literature. Archana Borse, Saleem Shaikh, Nagsh Shinde, Anand Mohatta. Journal of Indian Dental Association – June 2015;Issue 6- Vol 9.




v  Morphometric analysis of mesio-distal widths of anterior teeth and their validity to be used as a identification tool in forensic dentistry.

v  Variation of Lip print patterns with climatic conditions




v  Dental Identification –Barcoded

o   International Forensic middle east congress, April 1-3, 2014 ;Dubai-UAE

v  Non syndromic Cleft lip and Palate: Evidence of Transforming growth factor – beta 3 gene polymorphism in Indian patients

o   Ist International and XIX National conference, Chennai – Dec 2010

v  Deep rooted concepts in OSF: Atrophy revisited

o   ORCA- Oral cancer conference – Trivandrum – Jan 2006

v  Orofacial clefts- the role of genetics in its causation.

o   XIII National Conference of IAOMP, Calicut – Nov 2004

v  Quantification & Characterization of mast cells in OSF

o   16th annual conference of ISDR – Bangalore – Feb 2004

v  The status of surgical margins as a prognostic factor in the treatment of Oral cancer

o   58th IDA National conference, Vijaywada – Jan 2004

v  Nitric oxide power – an Overview

o   XII National Conference of IAOMP, New Delhi – Nov 2003


v  Under the leadership of Dr. R. Rajendran, I was an important member of the team which was involved in the prestigious project of editing “SHAFER’S Textbook of Oral Pathology” and my contribution has been duly acknowledged in the 5th and 6th Edition of the textbook.

v  Training and project work for a duration of Four months in the Department of Human Molecular Genetics at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram. This training included independently carrying out procedures like DNA extraction, Polymerase chain reactions, Gel electrophoresis etc.

v   Appointed as an External and Internal examiner in the subject of Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology and Oral Pathology by Barkatullah University Bhopal and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Nasik.

v  Appointed as Chairman of Internal vigilance squad by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) for theory examinations of October/ November - 2011



v   I was the staff in-charge of cultural activitiescommittee and a member of anti – ragging committee.

v  I was the Captain of the college cricket team which was the university champions and General Secretary of the students committee which was involved in organizing various cultural and social events during my graduation.




International –

Ist International and XIX National conference, Chennai – Dec 2010


National –

CDE on Salivary Gland Tumors – Meerut – Feb 2008

ORCA- Oral cancer conference – Trivandrum – Jan 2006

XIV National Conference of IAOMP, Agra – Nov 2005

Workshop on Prevention and Control of Oral Cancer, Trivandrum – November 2005

Third National CME in Pathology IAPM, Trivandrum – August 2005

XIII National Conference of IAOMP, Calicut – Nov 2004

IV National Triple ‘O’ Symposium & PG convention, Bangalore – August 2004

IV National PG convention of IAOMP, Mangalore – July 2004

16th Annual Conference of Indian Society for Dental Research, Bangalore – February 2004

16th annual conference of ISDR – Bangalore – Feb 2004

58th IDA National conference, Vijayawada – Jan 2004

XII National Conference of IAOMP, New Delhi – Nov 2003

Third National PG Convention of IAOMP – Bangalore – July 2003

Workshops on Nano technology, Nano sensors, biophysics – Majmaah university

Research Day in Majmaah University – June 2013











  1. Dr. R. Rajendran

Professor; College of Dentistry, King Saud University,

P.O. Box: 60169, Riyadh 11545
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

[email protected]



2.      Dr. ArunDoddamani


ACPM Dental College

Dhule - Maharashtra

Ph. Number: +919422623214

  1. Dr. Rakshith Guru


Dept of Prosthodontics and Implantology

Rajarajeshwari Dental College


Ph. Number: +919900197517

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