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I have the honour to teach at Majmaa University Saudi Arabia since 2014. Teaching has always been my passion and it is very motivating to see new brains of my dear students growing and prospering in life.

I like challenges and I like to help those students who have acute problems in learning English language.

The topic of my Ph.D dissertation was " Semiotic Analysis of English as Media Language: A Colonial Perspective on Media Language and its nexus with President George W. Bush's Speeches".

I am currently serving at Al-Majmaa University, College of Education at Az-Zulfi.

I have more than three years’ teaching experience at Pakistani Universities, namely the National University of Modern Languages Islamabad, Minhaj University Lahore and finally Lahore Leads University where I served as the Head of English department.

My specialty is Critical Discourse Analysis, Media Studies and Pragmatics besides any aspect of English Language including 4 skills.

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Monday 10-12

Wednesday 10-12


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