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,Dear Students

Please be reminded of the following:

CALL students, your practical final exam will be held in Lab 2 on Monday 22/07/1436H at 9 a.m. Don't forget to bring your blank CDs!

Listening and Speaking 1 students, your speaking final exam will be on Tuesday 23/07/1436H at classroom No. 26 (Names and times will be scheduled and uploaded later). Please be on time!
Writing 1 Students, please send me your emails as you will attend the last lecture (Process Paragraph) in a virtual classroom online. So, I must have your emails ASAP.

With many thanks!

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!! Announcement

Dear Grammar 3 students,

This is to inform you that there will be a quiz tomorrow 4/5/2015 on the last chapter -Adjective Clauses-

Section (18): your quiz will be at the end of the lecture.

Section (23): your quiz will be at 11:30 at classroom No. 2

Please spread the word!

Good luck!

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