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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change world -Nelson Mandela

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Dear Students..!

The education and the graduation in medical microbiology subjects provides you to develop a knowledge and skills in clinical consultations on the laboratory investigation, diagnosis, and treatment choices for infectious diseases. Also supports public health and communicable disease prevention and epidemiology.

In addition to these primary activities, once you become a medical microbiologists, you  are often responsible  for teaching microbiology students and  other health care discipline.

You  can have the access to revolutionary Molecular biological diagnostic tool to optimize care of the infected patient, whether they occur in hospital or in the community. Since the discovery of PCR in the late 1980s, there has been an enormous amount of research performed which has enabled the introduction of molecular tests to several areas of routine clinical microbiology. Molecular biology techniques continue to evolve rapidly, so it has been problematic for many laboratories to decide upon which test to introduce before that technology becomes outdated.

In this site you can find many recent micro-molecular updates on microbiology fields such as, Bacteriology, Mycology, virology and parasitology   contents to enrich your subject knowledge.

I welcome you all to go through  the micro-molecular updates in this portal.

Dr. M. Suresh Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor-College of Science,

Majmaah University

Subjects for The Current Semester

* Medical Microbiology Subject code: MDL 213

* Histopathology Subject code: MDL 312z

* Research and Seminar Subject code: MDL 416

* Research and Seminar Subject code: MDL 426

* Biology Practical

* Diagnostic Molecular Biology Sharing with Dr. Suliman Alsagaby

Subjects handled for the first Semester

* Clinical Parasitology     Subject Code: MDL :  315 and MDL :  355

* Histopathology            Subject Code: MDL  :  312z

* Health Care System and Occupational Safety    Code: AMS: 112

Subject Specilization

Medical Microbiology



Molecular Biology

Office Hours

Sunday 11 am TO 12 PM
Monday 11 am
12 PM
Tuesday 11 am
12 PM
Wednesday 11 am
12 PM
Thursday 11 am
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Teaching : More than 4 Yrs after doctorate degree

Area of Expertise in Clinical Microbiology & Diagnostic Molecular Biology

§ Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Diagnostic Molecular Biology of  infectious Diseases ( Real-Time PCR)
& Clinical Mycology

Clinical Parasitology

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