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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change world -Nelson Mandela

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Dear Students, 


The education and the graduation in Life Sciences especially in microbiology and molecular biology subjects provide you to develop an extensive knowledge and skills in their allied subjects like:

§  Bacteriology:           Study of bacteria

§  Mycology :         Study of fungi and yeast

§  Virology:           Study of viruses

§  Parasitology:       Study of parasitic protozoans and helminths

§  Immunology:           Study of the humoral and cellular immune

                               -response to disease agents and allergens

The education in following life science have wide scope in employment and research. Thus contributes greatly in shaping the global progresses.  



      Clinical research,


      Dairy industry,

      Water industry,

      Nanotechnology &

      Chemical technology.

In this site, you can find many recent micro-molecular updates on microbiology fields such as Bacteriology, Mycology, virology, parasitology and Biology contents to enrich your subject knowledge.

I welcome you all to go through the micro-molecular updates in this portal.

Dr. M. Suresh Ph.D.,

Associate Professor-College of Science,

Majmaah University, KSA

Subjects for this semester 

* General Microbiology  (Subject code: BIOL 231) 

* Virology, (Subject code: BIOL 231)

* Vertebrates (Subject code: BIOL 213)

* Comparative Anatomy (Subject code: BIOL 215)

* Marine biology (Subject code: BIOL 317)

* Graduation Project-Theory (Subject code: BIOL 471) 

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