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Performance Evaluation of Overlay Network for Streaming Media Distribution

The main goal of this research is to investigate and address the critical open challenges that limit the AODV routing protocol and comparison of performance of two types of Overlay networks i.e. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Content Delivery Network (CDN) media streaming using Multiple Description Coding (MDC).


Next-generation Routing Architecture: Protocol Design and Implementation of Anycast

Communications in IPv6 Networks

This research aims to find solutions to technical problems associated with new functions that are deemed necessary for the development of IPv6 networks. One of these functions is "anycast routing," which we are currently researching. In anycast addressing, the same address is allocated to multiple terminals, which enables the client side to communicate with the most appropriate server from among a number of servers having the same address.


Multiantenna transmit/receive techniques in High-speed downlink and uplink packet


The objective this research is to perform performance evaluation of the multiantenna algorithms.



Energy Efficient Communication Protocol for Ad-Hoc Sensor Network

In this research we will proposed an energy efficient communication system model andsuggested mathematical equations for power optimization, also we will propose an Under Water DensityBased Clustered Sensor Network scheme using heterogeneous sensors. This scheme utilizes two types of sensors: one having high energy capacity, working as cluster head, having small quantity and other are ordinary sensors in huge quantity. Further cluster head selection is based on node degree i.e. the density of the sensors in a region.


Next-generation High-speed Network Architecture

This research theme focuses on technology for achieving a high-speed, TCP-based protocol for use as a high-speed transport protocol and on photonic network architecture based on photonic technology.


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