Senior Core Network Engineer/Network Manager


SULMAN NASEER                                                                                      

Address:          Al-Majmaah, Saudi Arabia                      Contact # +966-582424129

Email:              [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 

Father’s Name: Naseer Mirza (Late)

Date of Birth:                02-May-1984                 Nationality:       Pakistan

Marital Status:              Married                          Religion:         Islam


MIT (Master in Information Technology)

Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan

Passing Year 2011, Grade = A

BS (IT) (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) 4 Years, (Hons)

Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan, Passing Year = 2006, Grade = A


DUAL CCIE in DC & R&S # 40569



Above ‘Ten’ years of extensive hands-on experience in Network and Systems Engineering, Systems administration, troubleshooting and restore. Designed, installed, configured and maintained complex routed LAN, WAN infrastructures on Multi-Vendor Platforms (Cisco, Junipers, Brocade, Huawei Microsoft, Linux etc).Excellent knowledge and experience of deploying and managing Cisco R&S and DC Networks. Provide consultancy. Managing permanent and contract personnel. Excellent communication skills with the ability to interface all levels. A team player who also can work well independently.


1: Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia (Aug 2010 to Present) as Senior Core Network Engineer/Network Manager

§  Managing Data Center Devices(Servers, Core DC Devices (Nexus 7K,5K & 2K, 6500, 4500, Switches, ASA & Juniper Firewall, 7200 Routers as DIA and MPLS Core)

§  Planning, Designing, Configure Routing Protocols (OSPF Single/Multi Area & BGP(IBGP & EBGP ) ) between head office core(in Nexus 7K,5K,ASA 5585 &Juniper SRX650) & branch end routers(3800,2800), Cisco IOS & NX-OS Experienced

§  Planning, Designing, Configure VDC & VPC in Nexus 7k,5K,2K(Full Redundancy Design)

§  Configure VPC & FEX in N5K for Manage N2K’s Fabric Extender, Implement Fabric Path in N7k & N5k, Implementing FCoE on N7K, N5K, MDS devices.

§  Planning, Designing, Configuring Complete SAN on Cisco N7K, N5K, MDS devices

§  Designing, Configuration & managing switches for STP(RSTP,PVSTP,MSTP,R-PVSTP) VLAN’S, Inter-VLAN Routing, VTP, Ether-channels, FHRP & Port Security, Storm Control, Unicast Flooding & VSS technology at 65XX

§  Planning, Designing, Installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting & support of Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3560X, 3750X Access Switches & 4500 & 6500,Nexus 7K,5K Core Switches, design & configure Switch stacking(3750) & managing Multilayer Switches

§  Planning, Designing, Installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting & support of Cisco 2800, 3800, 3900 & 7200 Routers

§  MPLS-VPN/MPLS based network design, Implement &  manage peer-2-peer MPLS VPN & MPBGP, Traffic Classification, Policing & Shaping for Network Performance (QOS)

§  Plan, Design, Configure & managing SonicWall NSA 4500 (Firewall), ARUBA NAC 500, Cisco 5508 Wireless Controllers in Active/Standby Active/Active Mode, Fortinet Firewall

§  Install & configure Orion Solar winds NMS, CACTI, NAGIOS & MRTG for network traffic utilization monitoring, Install, Configure video conference solution b/w Main building and remote branches using Tandberg & Polycom. Install, Configure & managing Syslog(centralized logging),NTP(centralized time sync) & FTP(For backup devices configuration) 

Projects in Majmaah University:  

§  Planning, Designing, Configuring, Managing Network(Layer 2 & Layer 3) for 16 remote branches of Majmaah University, Configuration of Routers(2600,2800,3800) with Routing Protocol, MPLS & Switching on (4500,2960,3750)

§  Upgrading/Migration Data Center Architecture from Core 6509 to NEXUS 7K,5K & 2K design with ASA 5585, Juniper SRX 650 & Fortinet Firewalls.

§  Design P2P & P2M Wireless WAN Solution between Head Office & Branches as redundant Link connectivity  

§  Plan, Design, Configure Full Redundant LAN infrastructure(Fiber Cable) in all MU Branches with Cisco 3750x as Core/Distribution and Cisco 2960 at Access Level

§  Plan, Design, Configure, Cisco WLAN AP’s inside all MU Branches using Cisco 5500  Series Wireless Controllers

§  Design, Configure and Managing Brocade Server Iron ADX1000.

§  Plan, Design & implement IPv6 Address DUAL Stack infrastructure  in DC CORE & Access Level

§  Design, Configure, CISCO ISE for Endpoints using 802.1x authentication, authorization policies, profiling and posturing. 

§  Plan, Design, Configure River Bed SteelHead CX5055 & CX1555 wan optimization devices

2: Allied Bank Ltd (ABL), Pakistan (Dec 2009 to Jul 2010) as Network Engineer                 

§  Install, configure and managing NMS systems for network monitoring, logging  troubleshooting and reporting,  working with Routing Protocols (EIGRP Routing Network & EBGP with ISP)

§  Configure and manage Routers as per network design and requirement

§  Configuring Switches VLAN’S, Inter Vlan Routing, VTP, Ether-channel Groups and FHRP

§  Configure MAC Base Port Security in Switches & managing Multilayer Switch

§  Configure Spanning Tree protocol for redundant Switch network topology

§  Configuring SNMP, SSH, ACL’s, NAT , DHCP, NTP, Logging on Routers

§  Configuration of Routers & Switches for Network Media Shifting for Bank Branches

§  SYSLOG & Backup of NOC Devices including NMS, Cisco Routers & Switches

§  Branch End Network(link, routing & switching) Troubleshooting


3: National Engineers Training Services (NETS), Pakistan (Jan 2005 to Nov 2009) as

       Network & Systems Administrator/Technical Trainer

§  Configure & administrates complete Network Servers

§  Administration of Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010

§  Managing File and Print Servers, Backup of Network data, Terminal Servers

§  Domain Controllers/Additional Domain Controller (Active Directory Services)

§  DNS Servers with Active Directory Integrated Zones, Administering a DHCP Server.

§  Design and Manage Network in What’s Up GOLD NMS

§  Squid for internet Sharing as Transparent Proxy and Web Proxy, Web min (WB Admin)

§  Configure Cisco Router with  ACL’s and NAT and Intern-Vlan Routing

§  Managing and Implement Redundant internet traffic base Routing, Backup Planning

§  Configure Cisco Switches with VLAN, Configure VLAN Trunking Protocol and STP

§  Configure and Manage DSL Modems for WAN Connectivity, Port Forwarding, Routing and Bridging Mode Configure and Mange Access Point for NETS Campus

§  Design Secure & Broadcast Storm Controlled Network for Systems

* Technical Trainer for MCSE 2003/CCNA 4.0/ Linux OS Courses

Projects in NETS:

Designing & Implementation of Active Directory Infrastructure Servers which includes (Domain Controllers, Additional Domain Controller and Member Servers), Network Infrastructure Servers which includes (DHCP, WINS, DNS, WEB), Exchange 2003 and ISA 2004 for more then 300 client computers in Forman Christian College.

§  Designing, Implementation and configuration of Wireless Access Points/Routers at NETS for BS (IT) Degree Final Project.

§  Designed and implemented Windows 2000, 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure and Network Infrastructure Servers in Lahore Collage for Women University.

§  Deploy the Local Area Network Physical Layer and application servers in Govt College University, Lahore


Projects Individually (July-2010): Site Survey, Plan & Design New Network Topology (Systems & Networks) for SPRINTECH PACKAGING MILLS in Lahore


Install & Configure Active Directory (Domain Model) at Server 2003/2008 Platform, DNS, WINS, DHCP, File Server (Application Servers)

Install & Configure Additional Domain Controller with Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010(Backup of DC & Mail Server), Install & Configure Proxy Server ISA 2006 for caching, firewall & internet sharing


Deploy, Install & Configure Cisco Router 2800 & Switches 2950 with VLAN’s, VTP domain & Inter-VLAN routing, ACL’s, Deploy & Configure Access Points (Wireless Router) for mobile devices end-users, Install & Configure NMS (Orion Solar Winds) for Network Monitoring 

TECHNICAL EXPERTIES: Systems:  Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise Edition & Server 2008, Linux Operating Systems. Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista & 7 .  Hardware:  Routers, Switches, Access Points (Wireless Routers), Internet Connectivity Devices, Firewalls, Rack Mount Servers .

Routers and Switches

§  Works with Cisco (1900, 2900, 3550, 3750, 4500 & 6500 Switches) &( 1700, 2500, 2600, 2800, 3800, 7200 Routers) Networking Technologies: Ethernet, FR, PPP, MPLS, MPLS VPN

§  Service Providers Types of Media, Complete knowledge of Routing Types(Static & Dynamic)Protocols(RIP,IGRP,OSPF,IS-IS,EIGRP,BGP(IBGP-EBGP) MPLS domain(P,PE,CE routers)MPLS-TE,MPBGP,MPLS-VPN,IPv4/v6,VLSM,Route aggregation, summarization, filtering& redistribution, ACL’s, NAT,NTP,DHCP,SNMP,SYSLOG, NetFlow, RMON, SPAN, RSPAN, RITE, SLA, TFTP, FTP, SCP, EEM,HTTP & HTTPS,IP SECVPN, GRE VPN

§  Configuring Cisco Switches VLAN’S and Trunks, VTP(Server, Client, Transparent) Mode

§  Configuring FHRP(First Hop Redundancy Protocols) Ether Channel Groups, MAC Base Port Security in Cisco Switches Configuring STP for redundant Switch Topology, Password recovery, IOS new installation/up gradation, IP Subnetting(FLSM,VLSM,CIDR)

Microsoft & Linux OS

§  Complete knowledge of Workgroup and Domain Models.

§  WINS, DNS, DHCP, DHCP relay agent, NAT, VPN and other important LAN Servers deployment and Management

§  Data Replication, Backup and Restoration of data.

§  Managing the Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 Active Directory Model (Domain, Domain Tree & Domain Forest) security by implementing the Domain Security polices, FSMO Roles

§  Installing and complete configuring ISA server 2004 & 2006(Internet, Firewall, Caching).

§  Complete Exchange Server 2003/2010 Installation, Configuring, Managing & Administration for Enterprise Level and Internet Level.

§  Installing and Configure RHL for Server End, Managing users and Groups, Managing Files and Folders Permissions, Backup using TAR utility, Schedule JOBS using CROND

§  Managing shared resources using NFS and SAMBA (with Swat) DHCPD Server, BIND Server(DNS Server), Very Secure FTP server

§  Apache Web Server, Zebra Routing Services, Send mail, Fetch mail for Email Services

§  Squid for internet Sharing as Transparent Proxy,  Web min (Web Based Administration)

§  IP tables as Firewall, Implement Linux Base centralized User’s Management ( NIS )


Languages:               English                             Arabic                   Urdu

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