Literature ENG225

Course Description:

This course aims at introducing the students to the concept of literature in general. The focus in this course is on familiarizing the students with different aspects  of literature, providing an overview of poetry, drama, and prose, To recognize language devices To expand our vocabularies. This course helps students to develop a taste for reading and appreciating literature,  to recognize language devices and to expand vocabulary , as well as improving their skills of reading and writing in English. Students are expected to learn how to define different literary genres and to acquire knowledge of the literary devices employed in each literary genre.

Course Contents:

This English literature course covers the following topics:

             Introduction to literature

             Importance of literature

             Different genres of literature

             Discuss famous poets, dramatists and novelists

             Reading literature: poems, excerpts from drama, novel and prose

             Literary devices / terms

             Enhancing writing skills

Prerequisite: None

Textbook: An Outline of English Literature by G C Thornley and Gwyneth Roberts

Course Objectives: By the end of the course students should be able to:

1.Understand and use basic literary terms and technical concepts.

2.Develop critical skills in reading, analyzing and writing about literature

3.Gain knowledge of writing in different genres.

4.Investigate how different literature genres approach different topics.

5. Write critical arguments about literature.

6.Develop interest in specializing in literary studies later in their academic career.


Teaching Strategies and Course Activities:

Mainly Lectures, discussions and PowerPoint presentation

Methods of Assessment:

Class participation in discussions: Participation is the integral part of the course. Students should ask questions and offer ideas.

I'd prefer everyone to get  involved during our class meetings.

Short in-class quizzes: Two or three quizzes, each quiz will be 1-3 questions designed to make sure that students are keeping up with the material. It is not possible to make up missed quizzes.

Assignments: There will be weekly assignments during the semester. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Presentations: At least one PowerPoint presentation should be done by the students either individually or in groups.

Examinations: Mid-Term and Final Exam


Participation, assignments, quizzes and presentations   -20 Marks

Mid-Term-20 Marks

Final Exam-60 Marks

Special instructions:

1.Dates for Mid-Term and Final Exam are fixed by the department. Take note of them and take them seriously. Makeup exams are given only in very limited cases.

2. There are no makeups for quizzes. If you miss a quiz without a genuine reason, it will not be repeated for you.

3. Mobile phones should be switched off.

4. Bring the course book, exercise book, dictionary and pen etc.

 A special request: Come to class on time. Late students break the harmony of the class. If you are late for more than 15 minutes, you'll be marked late. Being late two times will be counted as one absence.

If you face any difficulty with the course you are welcome to contact me during the office hours or by e-mail.

Topics to be covered



Introduction: What is literature? Importance of literature, different genres of literature



Different Ages(periods) in English literature



Poetry: Types of stanzas, different poetic forms, poetic terms and famous poets.



Drama: History of drama, rules of ancient drama, types of drama, elements of drama, literary terms for drama and famous dramatist.



Prose: Fiction, nonfiction, novel, short story, fable, tale, mystery, science fiction etc.

Famous novelists.



Reading literature: poems, excerpts from drama, novel and prose.







 X J Kennedy, Dana Gioia, Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and Drama. Harper Collins1996

Jerome JPaul, Beaty Hunter The Norton Introduction to Literature. Norton1998

Baldick  Chris  Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms by  2008


Phone Numbers


Cisco Phone-3798





THURSDAY 8:00am-10:00am


Dear students.welcome to the second semester. I'll teach you READING 3, ADVANCED READING, INYTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE and LANGUAGE LEARNING STRATEGIES

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