STC has state of the art scalable and reliable wire line and wireless telecommunication technology. Students of level 7 and level 8 visited STC –POP (Point of presence) in MAJMAAH.

“POP” provides an interface between telecommunication entities where long distance carrier could terminate services and provide connections in to a local telephone network. The “POP” comprises of servers, routers, ATM switches and digital/ analog call aggregators and Main Distribution Frame-MDF and redundant battery backup.


Students were given a brief description about working / operation of telecommunication network. It includes local distribution network, DWDM transmission network - optical fiber backbone redundant ring around SAUDI ARABIA, and the switching system.

From call origination to call termination student were explained how telecommunication entities interact for voice signal and packet data with different scenarios like intra-city call, inter-city call, and international call.

Students were also introduced about STC old wire line telecommunication system and highlight its system limitation.

In the end some troubleshooting SOP’s were discussed.


This visit Increase student’s system based knowledge.

This visit serves as bridge between book knowledge and field knowledge.

This visit increases student’s interest in academics and new technology.