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Course description for undergraduates

Eng. 361 Criticism-1                         Credit 3 hrs

This course traces the philosophical and critical development of Western thought in its particular relation to Art. The critical selections cover the classical conception of Art, Renaissance and the 18th Century (The age of Reason) and emphasize the major trends and orientation of Arts criticism in the Western critical thought. Major orientations, motifs of criticism are also emphasized as they developed from classical periods to the 18th century.

Eng. 231 Appreciating Poetry          Credit 2 hrs

The course is designed to introduce the student to English poetry in terms of its essential features as a literary genre. By focusing on selected poems of various types with a wide range of subject matter and theme, the student should gain a knowledge of the craft of verse. The objective of this exercise is to equip the student with the necessary techniques to appreciate poetic meanings and how they are created. Poetic devices, such as personification, simile, metaphor etc...are used as tools or means to aid and help the student, but not as ends in themselves. The textbook chosen for this course has a glossary of literary terms for easy reference.

By the end of the course, the students are expected to have the led poems, the poetic effects and poeticall and understanding of manipulate language of the selectemeaning.

Eng. 241 Appreciating Drama         Credit  2hrs This course introduces students to English Drama by way of carefully selected texts. The course emphasizes the primarily theatrical nature of the drama, rather than the purely literary, and students learn how to analyze plot and character. The stress is on understanding the nature of the dramatic mode.

Eng.213  Composition (2)                 Credit 2 hrs

The course provides students practice in producing a variety of grammatically correct sentences in unified paragraphs that are patterned logically. Topic sentence use in all writing is stressed as well as adequate development of ideas. Emphasis will be given to both the writing of cohesive summaries and explanatory pieces on different topics. Methods of classifications will be introduced if time permits.

Eng. 413  Advance Writing                   Credit 3 hrs

In this course, students practice producing the longer and substantial essay of several paragraphs. Attention will be given to the process of developing formal argumentative essays and the short research paper. Emphasis will be given to the rules of evidence and the methods of presenting of it to support the points of view expressed. This could prepare the students to write a term paper of more words in which they show their ability to handle the mechanics of research and to synthesize the findings of their readings from secondary sources. In addition, students will be encouraged to write about formal essays in more cohesive coherent way

Eng. 451 British Modern Novel Credit 3 hr

this course offers only the briefest of introduction to the modern British novel three novels, at the most, can be taught, through close concentration on the text and constant rteference to the literary and cultural backgrounds

Eng. 412 Rhetoric Credit 2 hrs

The course focuses on speech making as the primary activity. This course aims at acquainting the students with elements of speech organization, outlining and  controlling the speaker’s speech tension. Students can also apply the principle of speech making to informal, everyday situation.

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