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This page will contain another branch pages for every lesson in physics 

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List of Topics

Measurements : Why is Physics , Measuring things , The international system of units , Changing of units

Vectors : Scalar and Vector quantities , Components of vectors , Unit vector and adding vectors by components , Multiplying vectors (Scalar product and Vector  product)

Motion along a straight line: Position and displacement, average velocity and average acceleration, Motion with constant acceleration, Free Fall acceleration.

Motion in two Dimension : Three dimension coordinate system Projectile Motion , Uniform Circular Motion

Force and Motion I: Newtons First law, Newtons Second law, Types of Force.

Force and Motion II :static and kinetic friction, Friction force , Centripetal Force

Kinetic Energy and Work: Kinetic Energy, Work, Power.


Electricity: Coulombs Law, Electric Field, Capacitance, Current and resistance.


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kinetic energy &work

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