Dr. Yousef K. Qawqzeh


12a, Amman, Jordan, 962

Mobile: +966-552914378 email: [email protected]






*       Algorithm Developments and optimization

*       Electrical, Electronic & Biomedical engineering

*       Bioinformatics

*       8 years experiments in research development

*       Excellent performance in signal processing

*       A proven problem solver and team-player



Key Achievements





*       Successfully developed a predictive model for the assessment of high-risk atherosclerosis

*       Quantifying b/a ratio as an import0ant index for PPG signal

*       Optimized algorithm for PPG signal analysis is developed as a fruitful tool for evaluation and examination of PPG’s pulses








2008-2011     Research assistance

                        National University of Malaysia (UKM)


*       Algorithm optimization

*       Data analysis (real data collected from UKM’s medical center)

*       Model development

*       Signal processing

*       Teaching of several courses related to electronics, biomedical and systems engineering

*       Matlab programming


Feb 2012 - Aug 2013     Assistant professor

                        Taibah University – KSA

                        Lecturer at college of computer science and engineering


Sep 2013-Aug 2014     Assistant professor

                        Qassim University – KSA

                        Head of computer science department


Sep 2014-Now     Assistant professor

                        Majmaah University – KSA

                        Lecturer at college of computer science







Acadmic Qualifications




Bsc degree       Computer Engineering                                                   Computer Engineering                          

                        Philadelphia University              

                        Amman-Jordan, 2006                                        


Msc degree       Intelligent Systems (IS)                                                  Artificial Intelligent (AI)

                        North University of Malaysia (UUM)

                        Sintok-Malaysia, 2008


PhD degree      Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering                  Electrical & Computer Engineering

                        National University of Malaysia (UKM)

                        Kuala lumpur-Malaysia, 2011                               


Qualified certificates






*       Certificate of Data Communication (UKM-2009)

*       Formal methods and its applications (UKM2009)

*       Java programming language (UUM 2007)

*       SAS enterprise miner (Data mining application) (UUM 2006)










*       Yousef. K. analysisQawqzeh, Mohd Alauddin Mohd Ali and Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz. Pilot study on the assessment of erectile dysfunction based on photoplethysmographiy signal analysis. 2009

*       Yousef. k. Qawqzeh, M. A. Mohd. Ali, Mamun. B. I. Reaz and O. Maskon. Photoplethysmogram Peaks Analysis in Patients Presenting with Erectile Dysfunction. 2010.

*       Yousef. K. Qawqzeh, M. A. Mohd. Ali, Mamun. M. B. I. Reaz and O. Maskon. Photoplethysmogram Analysis of Artery Properties in Patients Presenting with Established Erectile Dysfunction. 2010

*       Y. K. Qawqzeh, M. B. I. Reaz, O. Maskon, Kalaivani Chellappan, M.A. M. Ali. Photoplethysmogram Reflection Index and Aging. 2010




*       Y. K. Qawqzeh, M B. I. Reaz , O. Maskon , Kalaivani Chellappan, M. A. M. Ali. The Analysis of the Effects of Aging on Arterial Compliance in Erectile Dysfunction Subjects. 2010. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on BIOLOGY and BIOMEDICINE. Issue 4, volume 7. 306-315

*       Yousef. Qawqzeh, M B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, Kok Beng Gan, Zulkifli S.Z.,  Noraidatulakma A.  Assessment of Atherosclerosis in Erectile Dysfunction Subjects Using Second Derivative of Photoplethysmogram. 2011. Accepted, scientific research and essays (SRE)

*       Yousef Qawqzeh, Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Oteh Maskon, Mohd Alauddin Mohd Ali. THE ANALYSIS OF PPG MORPHOLOGY: INVESTIGATING THE EFFECTS OF AGING ON ARTERIAL COMPLIANCE. 2011. Journal of medical and biological engineering (JMBE)


Books (chapters)

*       Yousef. Qawqzeh, M B. I. Reaz, M. A. M. Ali, and O. Maskon. Erectile Dysfunction and Atherosclerosis. 2011. Intech open source publisher







*       Digital signal processing

*       Statistical analysis

*       Personalization in e-learning applications

*       Intelligent systems applications

*       Biomedical engineering



Contact details





Email: [email protected]

Cell-phone (1): 00966-552914378 – KSA

Cell-phone (2): 00962-799340244 – Jordan









References are available upon request.





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