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This course provides students with a fundamental understanding of the principles underlying the use of computer technology in language learning and teaching as well as hands-on activities of designing and producing computer assisted language learning (CALL) programs and materials. The course will be delivered in a practical modality together with adequate theoretical input.

In addition to the discussions that will take place in the classroom and via e-mail, students will have to present the required assignments and practical projects. Instruction includes as well hands-on experience in the computer lab so that students learn the required skills by seeing and then doing. Assignments, tests, quizzes, student’s active participation in class activities and practical projects are the tools that may be used to assess student’s achievement of the objectives of the course

Course Aims.

Understand how computer technology can be integrated into language learning and teaching.


Critically evaluate language learning software and websites


Use generic software effectively in language learning context.


Design and produce simple level Web and CD-ROM based language learning programs and activities.


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